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why choose led lighting over compact fluorescent 960×540 1 - Victory Lights Inc

Why Choose Led Lighting Over Compact Fluorescent?

There are many reasons, as electricians, we recommend LED lighting over compact fluorescent bulbs (or CFLs), but the three principal reasons we’ll discuss here are: Light Quality, Cost-Effectiveness, and Environmental
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the future of lighting is bright 960×540 1 - Victory Lights Inc

The Future of Lighting is Bright

We are in the most revolutionary time for lighting since the age of Edison. Advances in technology, which is an often-overlooked topic compared to self-driving cars, are moving so quickly
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how does an led light work 960×540 1 - Victory Lights Inc

How Does an LED Light Work?

LED lighting. “What exactly is it?” you may ask. Well, the technical definition of LED (light-emitting diode) is a two-lead, semiconductor light source, which emits light through an effect called
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parking garage lighting 960×540 1 - Victory Lights Inc

Parking Garage Lighting

Parking garages are a great way to maximize parking spaces, especially for large buildings or limited parking opportunities on the street. As a customer who uses a parking garage, you
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commercial office lighting ideas 960×540 1 - Victory Lights Inc

Commercial Office Lighting Ideas

Have you ever wondered what your office’s environmental aspects could be changed to improve your employee’s mood and productivity? Well, the answer might be just over your head! I may
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parking lot lighting solutions 960×540 1 - Victory Lights Inc

Parking Lot Lighting Solutions

The benefits of having a well-lit parking lot or parking garage cannot be exaggerated. In business, the way all of our offices indoors are lit effects how our customers feel
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